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Forums are for general discussion and logged in site members can post public information about news, events, and projects, post feedback and ask questions. The information is public because posts within the Forums section are viewable by all visitors – they do not need to be logged in.

Topic based discussions (eg about Better Care Fund planning, public health, other issues and subsets of these issues) should be initiated in the ‘Groups’ section (see below). Information that is intended for a restricted audience can also be published in groups: groups content can be added and viewed by registered, logged in site users only, and can be further restricted to group members only.

The site administrator has set up the following forum categories: site, community and help/feedback, and a series of forums within the categories.

If you’d like to suggest a new category, or forums within these categories, please email

Once you’ve registered as a user of the website, and logged in, you’ll be able to post replies to existing discussions within a thread. The most recently created thread in each forum appears in the listing on the main
forums page. You can also start new discussions - there is a ‘create new thread’ link at the top of the page.

You can report forum threads or posts that break forum rules by containing offensive content. The site administrator can edit or delete such threads or posts.


If you want to create a group, first check that a similar group does not already exist, using the a-z function. Then click on ‘start a new group’ on the groups page. This will alert the site administrator after you have submitted your request. Remember to check the ‘private’ box if you want to require members to apply to join the group.

Even if your group is not ‘private’

When your group has been approved by the site administrator, you’ll become its ‘owner’ i.e. the person that started the group and have rights as administrator of the group.

The site owner/administrator can see an administration link in the navigation bar. This provides access to the admin tools to set up and run the group, including setting up/managing forums, uploading resources, approving new members (private groups).

The ‘members’ link provides a list of members and access to individual members’ pages where their activity is shown and there is a facility to message them. ‘About’ allows owners to provide further information about the group over and above what appears in the group header.

Owners can also see all that is going on in a group, including the member list, and can change the group owner or empower a group member to become an administrator. These individuals will get the same powers as the owner, but cannot remove the owner.

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